Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Oh geez. I grabbed my favorite dinner and came home to a Scott-less evening (he's at a meeting) in front of the tv (I've got Grey's on DVR- do NOT tell me what happened!) and lo and behold, the cable's all messed up! In the living room the tv shows a sign that says
ONE MOMENT PLEASE- This channel should be available shortly.
I tried rebooting it, twice. But still, the sign. (It's a lie. It does not become available shortly.)
In the bedroom, there's just fuzz.

But in the KITCHEN, where the tv is tiny and on the door shelves in the corner, it works fine! WEIRD!
Question is, what am I to do with my life? Am I that much of a tv drone that I can't take a night off? What would it say about me if I was willing to uproot to the kitchen to watch a 3 inch tv screen from a wooden stool?

Ohhhh, maybe I can watch something ONLINE! Better living through technology!!!

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