Friday, January 25, 2008

Big Girl School (two new posts)

It's been 17 years since I wrote my last paper. Yeesh.
Yesterday I went to the open house at the Boston College Masters program (the IREPM, soon to be the BCSTM... That is, Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, soon to become the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. I hope I got that right...)
Anyhoo, they have a MEd in Religious Education with a concentration in Total Community Catechesis. Doesn't that sound impressive? It's exactly what I'm interested in, believe that or not. And the bonus is, they have a bunch of grant money for this particular concentration, so it's all good news for the prospective student that I am.
I attended a two hour class on Theology and Spirituality of the Body, and learned a lot. I learned about the topic but I also learned a lot about the kinds of students that take such a class. I knew one person there (an actual student), and got to pepper her with questions during the break, which was helpful. I couldn't help but check out the other virtual students, and wonder if Mister Overcompensator (with the wicked knowledgeable braggy answers to prove his brilliance) and Miss MmmmmhmmmmYes!! (She would nod and smile at the professor's points, agreeing and relating personally to each utterance) would be in my future classes. I looked around to see how many people used laptops to take their notes (two) and who wrote theirs (everyone else)- who wore jeans (about a third of the students, which to me says it's O-Kay) and who brought coffee in a travel mug (a couple of people). I took four pages of notes, reviving my rusty note-taking skills, and understood what the prof. was saying, which I took as a good sign.
We went to Mass, which was truly Jesuit. Nice, and interesting, but definitely different from yer average diocesan type.
After lunch we had a Q&A panel discussion, where I got the goods on the TCC program's financial aid goodness, and got a few more questions answered. Oh and found out that Miss MmmmYes will be in another concentration. Good news!
So now it's a matter of applying myself. Literally. Gotta fill out the application. It's been 21 years since I've filled out a college application!

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