Wednesday, January 09, 2008


We're on our way to the Lifelong Faith Formation conference in Orlando FL... I'm so excited! NOT just because it's 80 degrees in Orlando, and not just because I adore the people I'm traveling with, but also because (you prob. know this if you're a long-time reader here, aka a relative of mine) I believe in the power of conferences. There's something about all that learning, and networking, and rubbing elbows with Catholic stars big and small... and you know, the music and prayer are always great at conferences. It's my first time to this one so I'm pretty psyched to see how it will unfold!
We reported for the 9:15 flight as standby passengers but didn't get on, which was fine because we moved 3 gates over and got on the 9:45. Only difference is, we get to stop here in beautiful New York. Free Wi-Fi!

I will surely keep you posted, dear reader(s) on the wild and exciting things I encounter once we hit the warm ground in FLA!


HerMajesty00 said...

I am so excited that Margo has blogged a couple of days in a row I am beside myself. Say hello to the sun for me!

happy vet said...

Is there no end to the damage you must inflict upon me?! Sure, Florida for you, Denali to vet a sled dog race at -20 for me!