Thursday, January 17, 2008


A couple of times a year, and always after a big trip, my life gets away from me a bit. I notice it because my desk is a mess, with piles of paper on and around it, and vestiges of past events can be seen stowed in the corners of my office. My car is embarrassing, with (yes, fast food wrappers) trash and junk and bags and stuff in every seat and floor space. My kitchen counter is piled high with dirty dishes and my dining room table is un-see-able under the piles of stuff on it.
The thing about going away on a trip is that no matter how restful it is, I need a day off when I get back, just to catch up with the real life that has been going on as usual while I was gone.
What's worse at this point is that looking ahead, there aren't many days in my calendar that are open enough for me to do any substantial organizing/cleaning/laundry/dishes/etc. That makes me feel even farther behind. In advance.
At Bible Study we worked on the Christian Practice of Honoring the Sabbath- I need a good sabbath to honor right now. However I have to say that it's different now than it's been before, because I'm happy. When I was unhappy, the clutter overwhelmed me into more unhappiness. Now, it just makes me a little... jittery. But it doesn't mess with my joy.

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Her Harlequin said...

I feel your pain. I always want to come home from a vacation a day early just to unpack and put away and re-adjust and take care of "whatever" at home before returning to work (not that it's a cure-all, but I feel less stressed that way).