Thursday, January 29, 2009

Christmas All Year Round

It had been a while since we'd gone for sushi, so we were happy to be back at Yoki in Medford, our new favorite place. We ordered a buncha different rolls and some edamame, as is our tradition- but then Tom came by our table with the Christmas Roll.
Tom is the owner/manager of Yoki, and a lovely guy- he's also a parishioner at our parish, and comes to the 5:00 Mass every week if he can get out of the restaurant for an hour. He is a big supporter of the Youth Ministry and always has great things to say about the church and about the young people. He also is a big fan of the Youth Minister, who we happened to be dining with that night.
Tom came by and said "since you didn't come at Christmas time, I want you to try our Christmas Roll, it's my gift to you."
We have gone back 4 more times since then, in the last week and a half.
Now, I don't know what's in the Christmas roll, but that there is at least avocado, cream cheese, and some sort of fish, and that it has some kind of stuff on top, and that the colors of red and green are prominent, and that it is surrounded by a delicious sauce and tiny crunchy rice balls. it is exactly the size of my mouth, which is to say that I can fit one piece of the roll in my mouth at one time- and from there it is a delicious explosion of flavors and consistencies.
I can't stop thinking about the Christmas Roll. Do go and try it- tell 'em you heard about them at church. And if you need company, give me a call!

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