Wednesday, January 14, 2009

web-based mornings

My morning web use is pretty ritualized- and I'm afraid it makes me look desperate.
I surf in Safari (Woah.... think that's why they called it Safari, so people would say "surfin' safari?") and have tabs that I just go across to make my daily site visits. They go in this order, across the top of my page:
I start at the Farmer's Almanac, where I check the weather and "of-the-day"s. Good stuff there, that's where I learned that this was going to be such a snowy winter.
Next up: Universal Hub, kind of a collection of Boston area news and blogs.
Next comes Twitter- I follow 17 twitter-ers, and have 10 followers although I have no idea why, as I never say anything important or interesting on there.
IGoogle gives me two min-games to play and the morning news, along with a CS Lewis quote every day.
Facebook next, say no more, say no more. is Dinosaur Comics, which makes me laugh out loud every day.
A Hole In The Head is a blog I found one day randomly, and stayed- he collects and displays great ephemera and all the best videos.
Royal Thoughts of Her Majesty is next, and from there I check Her Halequin's.
Now here's where I fear I seem a little needy- next up are Tyson's blog from Alaska, and his sister-in law's, Stef's. They don't post very often (although Stef posts just enough to make you think a new one might be up soon), but since they are both in my tabs, I check every day and sometimes a couple of times. They must think I am desperate for details on their lives. But I swear, it's just the line they're in. Plus, Stef's baby is IMPOSSIBLY cute.
Next comes Not Martha, which has great recipes, crafts, and links. There's always something cool there.
Her Bad Mother is a blog I'm following now, I probably won't forever but for some reason I'm hooked. I do go through blog phases... I have a bookmark folder called "usedtabe on the bar" where I put my past phase-blogs, like Scrutinies, which I love but doesn't get updated very often, sadly.
Next up I check my BC email... no class on MLK day! Woo!
Then comes Woot Shirt, a place recommended to me by Popple, they have unique t-shirts, one a day, for 10 bucks. I haven't bought one yet.
Finding My Other Half comes next.
Tastespotting is a new fave, with luscious pictures of food, glorious food- clickable for blogs or recipes. Yum.
Knitting Journey's next, my sister's knitting blog. I know nothing about knitting, but I like reading what my sister has to say.
And finally, Passive Agressive Notes.
So, this is all to say, it's RITUAL, Tyson and Stef, and Cathy and Kate, I'm not stalking you. It's just the way my mornings roll out. No pressure to post more! Love your work!


HerMajesty00 said...

I obsessively check blogs (and my emails, and the channel five Boston news) so often I think I scared that guy Larry who wrote the Detox one. So now I put the blog names on my blog and it lists when they are last updated. So hopefully I do not look too needy:>)
Margo you may need to remove the cute French toast alert on your blog as when I see it my tummy growls. Like Pavlov's dog soon I will be trained to be hungry at the very thought of you!

Catholic Wiz Kid said...

This is funny, because just yesterday I was thinking about you, "I hope she does not pay too close attention to the tracking thing on her blog". You are bookmarked on my work computer and when I am procrastinating I will sometimes click your tab just for kicks, hoping you have something to entertain me... I was just hoping you did not really know how often that happens.

s said...

Think of how many morning rituals YOUR own blog, and Facebook page, are on! Mine included!

Tim & Stefani said...

ditto to what s. said! now that i know you have a blog, i'll be hooked. could be worse, blogs are better for you than meth or crack...