Tuesday, January 06, 2009

theme unveiled

I've been wracking my brain about this whole yearly theme thing, and the thought of resolution-making... and all the words that rhyme with 9 just weren't hitting me. So last night I made a list:
9 for 09
1) 5 lbs off by April
2) Ride my bike this Summer
3) visit my parents more
4) redo my Mom's photo albums
5) blog at least 2x a week
6) make an eye appointment
7) 10 pounds off by June
8) Start saving some money...
9) Stay Childless.

But heck, as easy as it is to roll these out, who knows what I'll really do with this year? I don't really do well with goal-setting, actually- it's the same reaction I get when anyone tells me what to do. I want to be oppositional, even if the person telling me what to do is ME.
I thought, then, that I should go back to the kind of resolutions I used to make in college, and in my 20's. In college one year I decided to "Be Brave." That was the year that I prepared for a vocal recital, and worked on the college maintenance crew for the summer. One other year, I resolved to Look Up More. I did, and noticed a lot, including the different way I carried myself physically when my gaze was shifted upward.
So, what? Be Less Frumpy? Don't Be Lazy? Self-Promote? I was coming up empty.
But this morning it hit me. Walk, then Run, to 41.
I'll be 41 this year! And the walk/run refers to not just wanting to get fit physically, but to wanting to walk my faith, walk my talk, but not just walk it, run. So there you have it fans, Walk, then Run, to 41.
I'm going to start really soon. :)


HerMajesty00 said...

Margo, when I saw your list I nearly died laughing! With the exception of number 4. it could be Donnie's hopes for 2009 for himself!
I really like your final decision of walk then run to 41. And the whole concept that it is not just a physical walk/run is very powerful!

FrChip said...

I like it!
Although I was partial to the others I gave you as well.

Maybe next year