Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Name: Curly McTresses

I'm getting a perm tomorrow! I haven't had a perm done on my hair since... well, high school, I guess. The research I've done online says that perms are different now than they were then, which is good. I'm wanting loose, bouncy curls that will give my hair body and make me look like I have more hair than I have. Is that too much to ask?
One of the websites I visited said to DEFINITELY take a picture, which I am doing. I don't think it's how my hair will look exactly but I want to show my stylist the size of curls I want. I've been told to ask for the largest size rods they have, and to go spiral.
Okay, I'll admit it... this is the look I'm going for:
Do you think my hairdresser will make fun of me if I bring in this picture?
Wish me luck.

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happy vet said...

I think Rosie needs some Feliway. Great hair though!