Wednesday, January 03, 2007

here's my problem

Here's the thing- I am a really, inordinatly, outrageously wholistic thinker. Show me one dot and I can see the planet. I'm not kidding. So where that gets me in trouble is thusly; when I receive some criticism or difficulty at work, say, from my boss, then very easily I can make these associations:
my boss doesn't support me.
no bosses do or will support me.
the problem is with this entire organization.
I can not go on working for this organization.
Now here's the thing: am I really very well able to see the systemic problems in an organization, or am I just hysterical? Maybe any given criticism is just that, criticism... but maybe it really is a tip of the ol' iceberg.
And so, ultimately, I can't tell which is God's voice, and which is... not. (could it beeee......mmmmmSaaaaatannn???)


HerMajesty00 said...

Are you this way in other important relationships say with your parents or spouse or special friends?
If you are then its neither God nor Satan, but a character flaw that is going to require some skill, effort, and maybe prof. help to deal with.
But if it only crops up at work, then perhaps it truly is your seeing the 'forest amoung the trees' ability and perhaps it is a nudge to look elsewhere, where seeing the forest is an important and valued gift.
You have so many amazing gifts! It is more difficult for people whose job is also their vocation- and that doesnt seem to be the least bit fair!

"Too Chicken" said...

I wouldn't touch this one with a ten foot pole!