Friday, January 12, 2007

home alone

This has been, already, a marathon week- and it's not over. Scott had his Sophomore Retreat last weekend, got home Sunday, and left early Wednesday morning to the Lifelong Faith Formation conference in Florida with his parish staff. He'll be back Sunday night. Meanwhile, I've been scurrying around trying to pull together a peer ministry meeting, retreat team meeting, staff meeting (in which I presented my notes on Bob McCarty's state-of-youth-ministry address at NCCYM), a meeting with a parent, the Youth Ministry Committee meeting, and... this weekend's retreat.
It's weird being home alone so much lately, and I sure miss having Scott here to soothe my pre-retreat weirdness. What's worrying me about this weekend's is that nothing serious is going wrong... I really believe in the "bad dress rehearsal/good show" theory. What if there's no bad rehearsal? No one seems to be cancelling, everyone's talks are done and really good, I am pretty sure I haven't forgotten anything major, augh God I'm probably jinxing myself further. Or maybe it's just going to be great. Well, gentle readers, pray us through it, won't you?

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