Monday, January 15, 2007

Check out this article

It's on "redirected aggression in cats"... see, it happens!

The day we moved into our last apartment, our older cat turned on our younger cat. She was vicious, and attacked her over and over again, for months. It just so happened that the younger cat was very sick at the time, and ultimately needed to be operated on for a blockage in her intestines. It was an awful time, especially when the younger one was sick, and it eventually died down quite a bit but never totally, for a whole year- until we moved to this apartment. The first day we came here and opened their crates they greeted each other like old friends, and have been lovey little kitty buddies since then...until Friday... and hopefully again soon.

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your happy veterinarian said...

I'm hoping you showed the cats this article again!
I love cat psychology!