Sunday, January 14, 2007

careful whatcha wish for

When I was pregnant (the first time), I remember praying to God that I might feel pregnant... I thought it would help me feel more secure about the whole thing. Well I could almost hear God snickering... "oh you want to FEEL pregnant??" and sure enough, I soon did- losing my stomach contents several times a day.
I didn't have a chance to blog this pre-retreat, but as I went to bed uneasy at the ease I was experiencing, I thought to myself "well, maybe It's just going to be a good dress rehearsal." About 15 minutes after I hit the sheets, a strange cat happened by my kitchen window and my own two cats began fighting- each other- screaming and growling and tufts of hair flying. I had to physically separate them. Half an hour later, (just after I fell asleep) they did it again, and half an hour later, (just after I fell asleep again) they did it again. Then again at 2:45.
When I left Saturday they were still growling at each other and walking around in super slow-mo. I was a little worried that they might kill each other while I was gone, or at least that I'd come home to earless, bleeding cats.
The good news/happy ending is, the retreat went FABULOUSLY, really picture-perfect. And I came home to two happy, friends-again cats.

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HerMajesty00 said...

Would you please wish for a second bathroom for the Blauss fmaily. Or maybe a check in the mail. (please make sure you do not wish for a BILL, I get more than enough of those.) Thank you very much.