Wednesday, December 03, 2008

'sbeen a while

FOR TODAY 12/03/08...
Outside My Window... it's dark dark dark- but there is still no snow here, just lots of wind and cold air.
I am thinking... about the big surgery- it's exactly one week away and I have some stuff to get in order before then, because I'll be out of work for a week or more afterward. I'm worried about various things at various times, but right now it's mainly how I'm going to keep Zarley off my chest while I'm healing.
I am thankful for... Scott who is the most generous, loving, patient and sweet person ever. Also, for my other cat, who prefers laps to chests.
From the kitchen... I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich tonight, wasn't feeling up to anything more exotic. Comfort food.
I am wearing... Jeans, the Colorado sweatshirt Scott bought me in Denver at the conference when I complained of being chilly. See what I mean about him?
I am creating... the large group opening and closings and home kits for next week's faith festivals, even though I won't be there. I'm so sad to miss this session, I think it will be a great one, very creative and good stuff! I also miss a REALLY cool eagle scout project based on StoryCorps and worship night. Sad!
I am going... to miss the NCCYM conference this year, because, technically, I'm not a YM this year. How sad!! Maybe by the next time it comes around I'll be back in the biz.
I am reading... nothing! I'm done with coursework, and now have to prepare for exams. Both classes are requiring ORAL exams, would you believe, and so next week will be Monday: exam, Tuesday: exam, Wednesday: surg.
I am hoping... that I will not get a cold or the flu before next Wed. and I think the worry is, itself, making me feel a little ooky.
I am hearing... the last "Samantha Who?" episode on my DVR.
Around the house... vestiges, still, of our Thanksgiving party from a week or two ago, plus lots of other looming chores that I will distract myself with while I'm supposed to be studying this weekend.
One of my favorite things... is crawling into bed every night, now that the flannel sheets are on!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: The afore-mentioned studying, of course, and the afore-mentioned chores, and lots of free time to fill. I'm looking forward to it, in a way...
Here is picture thought I am sharing... this just happened, when I wanted to take a quick pic to send to Steven, in response to one he sent me. Pip was on my lap and looked up at my phone camera, and gave a big yawn just in time.

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