Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back Atcha

Today was a big day for me! After the lounging of this morning, we got ourselves up and out- got most of our Christmas shopping done and bought a few treats for ourselves! I felt good, and outside of twitching like a domestic abuse victim whenever anyone made a sudden movement near my midsection, I was pretty smooth.
After Christmas shopping, we hit the grocery store and then I cooked a pretty darn good dinner. I did some good cleanup and was even a little productive. My back is a little achy and I know I'm going to sleep well tonight (in my bed!) so I'm feeling good about this day. Tomorrow I'm going back to work, and looking forward to that too. My brother recommends that I carry a cake around in my arms all day to fend off huggers- not a bad idea! Tomorrow is Mass, Youth Ministry swap party, and Lessons and Carols. Yer typical December Sunday at church. Can't wait!

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