Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't read if you don't want to know!

So here is my schedule for the next few days, if all goes as it did today: wake up, take pain medicine, have a bite to eat or watch some tv, fall asleep. Wake up four hours later, take more pain pills, repeat, repeat. It's not fun, not at all. Well, the sleep is good, but the pain- that stinks. It basically comes and goes, and varies between two painful types of pain- the achy pain, and the sore pain. The weirdest thing is when I get goosebumps or something like that, woooOOOooo. My sides and arms are sore, and all of me is a little wambly. I'm not allowed to bend over, or reach, or lift anything. I changed my dressings today and everything looks really hideous, but promising. :)
The hospital people were lovely and I had a comfy bed and everything I needed. They had a tough time getting my IV in but were very apologetic. I had "socks" on my lower legs that inflated and deflated over and over and over until I couldn't take it any more. The best part of my whole night in the hospital was when they took off those socks and the IV, and gave me some graham crackers and ginger ale, to boot.
I was nervous to come home, mostly about the cats and how I was going to sleep- but the cats have been pretty good, or at least easily averted, and Scott and my brother erected a big setup of pillows that kept me propped up for the evening.
Tonight I'm home alone doing my 4 hour routine and doing okay. I feel very prayed-for, and thankful, and also just... surprised that I did this! I've been talking about it for years, and I'm really amazed at myself for going ahead and getting it done. I can't wait for the time to tick by and let me be in less pain, and start to see the changes, and get back to the life I love. I've been thinking about how great January is going to be- Christmas will be over with, my pain should be much less, I'll be starting new classes, and not least- LOST and Scrubs will come back. Happy New Year!!!