Sunday, December 14, 2008

day 4 misery

Rough night last night- I'm still sleeping propped up, because I'm supposed to- but also because it's the best position from which to fend off affectionate advances from the cats. But my rear end is seriously suffering from this constant position, with numbness and discomfort constantly waking me up. It's frustrating because I'm sooooo tired, and know that if I could just get to sleep, I'd sleep a heavenly, refreshing sleep.
So I'm starting day four in a cranky, overtired state of mind. I need all this to happen much, much more quickly.


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HerMajesty00 said...

You were so brave to do this surgery. I am sorry you are not sleeping well :<(

Anonymous said...

Oh No - I feel your pain, well the no sleeping part, not the other part. I tried egg crate foam and the helped a little. At least I can switch from side to side all night long... maybe I won't complain so much now.

I'll pray for you to sleep better soon.