Friday, June 13, 2008

early love affairs

When I was in high school, I fell in love (didn't we all?). I loved a boy named Dan who was troubled but not getting into trouble. He was a brooding, funny, sweet, moody, deep and fun musician of a kid, and I sure learned a lot through that relationship.
Because I loved him, I wanted to learn about the things he knew about. I wanted to be part of the other things in his life that he loved- not out of jealousy, but out of a desire to share in his happiness, to learn more about why he was the Dan he was.
He loved music, was a bass guitar player, and especially loved the band AC/DC. We listened to their tapes (no CD's yet) in his car on the way to school in the morning, and at his house we watched videos of their concerts. I remember long hours sitting on the edge of his bed watching him learn to play along with their songs. Soon, I started to like AC/DC too- I even bought a tape, and listened to it on my own. Through our relationship I also discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan and lots of great classic blues stuff that I still really like today (for the record, I was always a classic rock kind of girl, which may be one reason Dan thought I was okay).
Also in high school, I went on the Search retreat that was so popular in Maine, and the same thing happened- I fell in love. It really felt the same as loving a boy- I wanted to know more, I craved that warm feeling I had felt when I grew so close to God on Search. I wanted my friends to know about him too. And I wanted to know more about the things that God cared about- out of a desire to know more about why He is the God He is.
Turns out the things that both of these early loves exposed me to, became things I love too. I am glad to have loved Dan, and I am glad to Love God and be loved back by Him.

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