Wednesday, February 13, 2008

FAME! I'm gonna live forever!!!

Last night I checked D. Scott Miller's blog sort of out-of-the-blue (I usually do blog reading in the AM) and was a bit stunned to see my very own blog quoted there! Now THAT'S a weird feeling. The entry he featured was "How to NOT be a Youth Minister", and he quoted it without comment, so I'm not exactly sure why he chose it. It coulda been because he thought I was idiotic- or brilliant, I guess, or maybe it was just my turn and he randomly picked that entry.
I think I have some much snappier youth ministry-themed entries, like "creeped out", "the part-time myth", and "blasphemy", for example. But hey, when fame comes knocking at one's IP Address, one doesn't get to choose how it goes, I guess. Anyway, thanks for the nod D. Scott... (unless you think I'm idiotic.)

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HerMajesty00 said...

I KNOW someone famous.

(Um, well not in th biblical sense...)