Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Anyone? Anyone? .........Bueller?

I think I can safely say, without checking around for affirmation first, that the scariest part of leading a group is the image that one gets of a room full of blank stares, and thick silence after a question is posed. What if no one participates? There is no longer hour than one spent leading a group that won't say anything.
I've been in ministry and leading discussion groups over 12 years now, and I've learned a lot of tricks-o-the-trade. I enjoy leading groups and usually have a pretty successful time of it. But for the past two nights, I've had nightmares about leading the adult Bible Study that I am starting up next Tuesday night. It's a 5-week study for adults on the Gospel of Mark, and I've led this very same one before... but in my dream last night, over a hundred kids showed up to it. I had forgotten to bring my Bible and had written the wrong passage in my notebook, and the building just wasn't made for all those people. They were spread over three rooms and there was no good spot to stand in. A big woman came with some kids and set up in the middle of the room and started to teach crazily and I had to confront her and make her be silent, and when she wouldn't, I had to make her leave, without making a scene. I had them play "sit down if", a game that is so easy any jamoke can play it, and nobody understood the directions. I just could NOT do anything right.
What the heck? I don't feel stressed about this BS (that's Bible Study) during the waking hours, so what the heck with the nightmares?


HerMajesty00 said...

Wow---what did YOU eat before going to bed to get THAT crazy dream?

East Twyngsbury said...

That's an easy one. You've started a new job that had no predecessor, so you have no way of knowing if you're doing anything right. As part of this, you're starting a lot of new groups (successfully so far) and the BS is just the latest one on your mind. It's all kids that show up because you just got off retreat with a big group of kids and YG had a huge group as well, so kids are on your mind. As far as the fat lady is concerned, I think that was just that Scott had rolled over onto you in your sleep.