Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who do I say that I am? (two new posts)

Tonight before Mass a woman came over and took me by the arm and asked to talk to me. She said she reads my columns in the bulletin and said "and I think you have a heart for God." I said "oh thank you!" but she stopped and said "well, do you? Do you have a heart for God Margo?"
I was kind of taken aback by this questioning. I mean, I do love God, and am a Christian, and a Catholic, and all that... but to say "Oh yeah! I have a heart for God!" Well, it felt sort of like bragging.
Soon after graduating from college, I moved here to MA and soon after that, I moved into a house with some musicians. Whenever I would meet their friends, they'd ask "are you a musician?" I never knew how to answer. I loved music, love to sing, had studied and performed music in college, (hey I was lead singer in a rock and roll band!) but it just seemed to impressive to be considered A Musician.
And it felt very much the same when I was confronted with today's question. "Do you have a heart for God?" I guess, if she's asking what I think she's asking, then the answer is a proud "yes." I guess the challenge is more to my decision to commit to this title. Yes, I have a heart for God and that will effect the choices I make tomorrow, and every day. Just like in the Gospel today, I am asked not to report on my state of being, but to decide who I am, and how I will respond to the fact that I know that Jesus is the Christ.

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