Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's time again... simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY 08/09/08...
Outside My Window... what may be a couple hundred crows are cawing and yelling in the high treetops. Crows give me the creeps, and we try to discourage them in our own yard (by the vicious clapping of our hands... tough, we are) but they live somewhere nearby, and every night around 6 they start flocking back and forth and yelling like middle schoolers at a dance.
I am thinking... about the Olympics. I love the Olympics, and although I am not generally a major sports fan, I drink up every bit of whatever is shown on the Olympics. I love the patriotism and spirit and emotion and the thrill of victory, and yes, the agony of defeat. I lounged in front of the tv all day feeling wonky from a tetanus shot, and saw fencing, volleyball, team handball, beach volleyball, swimming, crew, cycling, and badminton. Badminton! Everything is interesting in the Olympics.
I am thankful for... my health, on this day of minor misery- I had to get the tetanus for grad school, and didn't know it would sideline me for (hopefully only) a day. Fortunately it's a good day to stay inside and... yep, watch the Olympics!
From the kitchen... not much! My energy level is near zero. Sorry husband! Last night we got Chinese food to eat while watching the Opening Ceremonies and talked to a real Chinese guy about China!
I am wearing... yeah, my pajamas.
I am creating... a deep divot in my chair cushion. But last week I did a really cool craft project! I made a nifty suncatcher for our porch. I'll try to get a good pic. of it for you to see.
I am going... back to work tomorrow, with a Baptism at 1:00 (well, three Baptisms). But until then, I'm going nowhere fast!
I am reading... Today wasn't a total waste of time, I caught up on Dot's Diary and then read a lot about Bikini Atoll, the site of A-bomb tests by the US after WWII.
I am hoping... to feel better soon, and that it will be sunny and dry next weekend.
I am hearing... those damned crows and Scott hosing something down in the driveway.
Around the house... the gloaming is setting in. Time to turn on the lights inside.
One of my favorite things... Did I mention I love the Olympics?
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Ahhhhh this is my last week before vacation, and that means I'll get a ton of work done. Next Saturday we celebrate my big 4-0... so that means we will have a lot to do around the manse, getting everything set to go.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Our cat Pip waiting patiently for someone to turn on the faucet so she can take a drink.


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