Sunday, August 24, 2008

I almost wrote, "synchronized swilling" but I DID get to see some of that this weekend.

Awww, the Olympics are over. I loved just about every minute. I soaked up as much gymnastics/swimming/volleyball/diving that I could, skipped the soccer pretty much and ignored the basketball. I tried watching water polo but I couldn't stop worrying about the poor horses.
(Sorry, my last chance to use that joke for another 4 years!)
I won't miss the sound of a whistle, which interrupted water polo every 2 seconds or so, and I won't miss that gymnastics commentator who said that everything was "big." (This is a BIG routine for her. BIG move there! Ohh that's a BIG mistake. Big Big BIG!) I won't miss the way they make you so nervous, watching... and I won't miss the McCain ads that peppered the broadcasts. But other than that I am awfully sad it's over. I will miss getting to know about the athletes, and will miss learning about new sports. I feel like I didn't get to see many of the non-mainstream sports- I saw table tennis and badminton, but didn't see any synchronized swimming or... what are they called, rhythmic gymnastics? That's kind of a bummer. Next time, I guess.
Now we move on to the spectacle of the political conventions. I hope they're peaceful.
But first... the closing ceremonies... a little weird, no? I'm all for creativity but it felt kind of Willy Wonka-ish for the first part. I loved watching the athletes have fun and smile smile smile, and was pleased to know that Jimmy Paige is still kicking it old school. (still kicking, really. Good to know.) The climbing tower of red and silver people was very cool. My sister had just given up on the ceremonies being neat-o and signed off AIM to go to bed when that part of the festivities began, so I hope she didn't miss it.
Ah, the olympics. Thanks for a good 17 days of distraction from reality! See you in four!

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HerMajesty00 said...

I did not SWILL. I sipped like it was nectar from the gods...