Friday, August 01, 2008

We Are Fam-Ily...

So, tomorrow we head to Bangor for the Family Reunion. This is my mother's side of the family, and it's an event that most of my siblings avoid at all costs (and it does cost). Each year we are urged to visit with this branch of the family tree either at the Lobster Feed (no, we don't feed lobsters, silly- we feed ON them) or the Christmas party, held also in Bangor, on the day after Christmas. I've been avoiding both events for as many years as I can get away with, and this year we have a wedding the day after Christmas (how cool is that??) so we are compelled to make our appearance.
I have a bad attitude about this side of the family, I admit it. But I think I come by it honestly- my tea-totalling family always felt a bit out of place at the Smith parties, and I think that while we thought they were crass drinkers who mocked us for our virtuousness, they probably thought we were snobs. I was born at an awkward gap in the relative span, too young to be noticed by my older cousins and too old to be interested in our younger cousins. At Thanksgiving, I always ended up hanging out in the room where the men hung out, because their conversations were so much more interesting than the women's, and because they acknowledged my existence so much more than the women did.
In recent years, we've all been turned off by the big water fight that ends each lobster feed- and again the snob/aloof thing has loomed between us and the rest of the clan.
But, you know, maybe I've just gotten into the habit of not liking to go to these things. I mean, hey, I drink now too, and maybe that'll make the lobster feed a whole heck of a lot more fun! Maybe they'll be more interested in me now that I've become so impressive, and have a handsome husband to show off. And the rumor is there's no more water fighting- so, I am going to go into this with an open mind. Maybe I'll make a new/old friend- and if not, I'll take my lobster to where the men hang out, and get my credit for showing. Mom will be happy, either way. That's worth a lotta points!

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