Sunday, August 31, 2008

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Quiz time! When you were in high school, what clique were you in?
Last night we caught a little bit of Definitely Not The Opera on the radio and heard a pretty interesting story. A woman reporting from her own 20th high school reunion was exploring the myths about high school, and interviewing her former classmates. It was a great show overall, but what struck me was this bit:
She was talking about cliques (which in Canada, apparently, they pronounce like "cleeks")- she said that as she remembered herself in high school, she wasn't part of a clique. I nodded as I listened, because I don't think I was in any particular clique, either- I remember being part of a bunch of different groups- the drama crowd, the cheerleaders, the music people, the ultra-popular (just kidding about that last one).
The interesting thing was, she interviewed her classmates and found that none of them thought they had been in a clique. None of them! They all considered themselves "floaters" with friends of all kinds. Get that? ALL of them! But when she asked them to tell her what clique they remembered her being in, they all could tell her.
So, what's the reality? Are there no actual cliques in high school? Did we all just label each other and each other's groups of friends?
I think I missed some good opportunities at this last reunion, what with being pregnant and self-conscious the whole night. I wasn't as bold as I wish I'd been, to seek out the people who I should have connected with, to find out who my old friends had become. I hope at my 30th, I can get a better look at my past.

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