Friday, December 01, 2006

what, no comment?

I am in my room, but briefly, for the first time today. I couldn't wait to get back and see all the great comments you readers had left me, raving abour my amazing writing skills and the frank sharing of my feelings, but there's nuthin'. Maybe you're all stunned. Let's go with that.
Anyhoo, we're done with business for the day, with two workshops and two keynotes under our belts. The first keynote was less than titillating, but the important takeaway was this: the Catholic Church is becoming Hispanic, and we'd better get on board with that.

Our "Best Practices" Adolescent Catechesis workshop was really not great. We were bummed out, because we were expecting something more advanced, and the first presenter used up his time reminding us of such creative gems as "you've got to love your kids".
The afternoon large group session was a reminder of how MAD I am that our youth-centered Bishop has been moved away from us. Again, I didn't so much learn anything new, but I loved his closing message, which he delivered in the last 12 seconds, practically as he was being led off-stage Academy-Awards style, which was this: the last scenes of Flashdance, when the welder-ballerina-wannabe's boyfriend says
something like "If you let your dream die, You die!!"
A great day-closing keynote reminded us of joy and urged us to remember that our calling is from GOD, not our church or our parish or our office or even our kids. God, see?

Tonight we're hitting PF Chang's at the Alladin and seeing some of the sights. Shower time and off we go again!


"and You shall be called Bo Peep" said...

sounds like it's time for you to become a presenter and lead the flock instead of following it. I wonder how you get that gig?

HerMajesty00 said...

Can I get any comments thru? Are you there? Whooo hoo?

Anonymous said...

How is the Catholic Church becoming Hispanic?

Anonymous said...

Don't be sad. Your readers are readers, not writers.

margmor said...

Well I have to admit, anonymous, that I was a weeeee bit sleepy/distracted during that particular keynote, but if I were to hazard a guess (like I'm about to) I'd say the Church is becoming more hispanic by virtue of the country becoming more hispanic. I guess he was specifically meaning that the American Church was becoming more hispanic...
Also, there is great work being done and strength in culturally hispanic Catholic homes to teach the faith and carry on traditions and devotions, that seem to have faded significantly in white families.