Monday, November 27, 2006


Okay, first, I want to say that I did not choose the location, nor should I be punished for the location, of this national professional conference. I went when it was in Pittsburgh, (and I was pregnant, so I couldn't even eat/drink the fun stuff that everyone else was eating/drinking, so I get double credit!) and just because it's in Vegas, doesn't mean that I'm going to par-tay. Okay?
That said, I'm PSYCHED to go to VEGAS!!! I've never been there before, and I think the fact that I am not a gambler will make it even better. No sitting in a dark corner yanking handles on slot machines for me. (Also, I think they don't even have handles anymore, do they?) I am psyched to just see the sights, and eat at the buffets, and hang out with great people.
I am thrilled at the workshops I can choose from, and don't know how I'll decide! At this point, I'm thinking these:
Round A:
A-3: Developing Youth Inclusive Liturgies OR A-15: Best Methods in Adolescent Catechesis: Faith Theme: "Jesus" OR A-16: Best Models in Adolescent Catechesis: Parish/School

Round B/D:
B-4: The Changing Reality of Youth Ministry (Friday) OR B-5: They Will Know Us By Our Actions: Issues Facing the Professional Minister in the Contemporary Church (Friday) OR B-6: New Directions in Adolescent Catechesis

Round C:
C-5: Creating a Parish Culture for Youth Ministry Through Faith Assets™ OR C-10: Tools for the Vineyard: Empowering Lay Leaders for Ministry in the Fields OR C-11: The Sacrament of Confirmation: Exploring the Ritual and the Journey of Faith OR C-15: Best Methods in Adolescent Catechesis: Faith Theme: "Sacraments"

Round E:
E-3: Pray Who You Are: Creating Innovative Liturgical Prayer Experiences Using Traditional Sources OR E-9: Short Order Cooks, Jugglers, and Hawkeye Pierce: The Great Youth Ministry Balancing Act OR E-11: Will Our Faith Have Children? A Closer Look at the Impact of the National Study of Youth and Religion OR E-12: Inquiring Minds Want to Know -- Sharing Faith with Young Adolescents OR E-16: Rethinking Adolescent Catechesis…A Facilitated Dialogue

Okay, if you read through all those items, I'm impressed! I am totally titillated by them, and will have a hard time dealing with the fact that I can only be in one workshop at a time. We'll be taking the laptop along, so if I get a minute, I'll be able to blog from there, and fill all 6 of you loyal readers in on our doings.

Two more sleeps till we hit the runway!!

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