Saturday, November 25, 2006

I dreamed last night...

... that my pastor was going around telling people that he didn't think I was doing a very good job. His housekeeper pulled me aside and told me that he had said the same to her. I was pretty upset because I had just put together a big LIFT-like evening with a crowd of cheering kids and great music and whatnot. Fortunately, the housekeeper was on my side, and told me that she had asserted to the pastor that building a YM takes time. In the parking lot on the way home I saw my supervisor. I said to her, "I need you to fight for me" and she wavered. "Wellllll...." she said. I felt the axe swinging my way, and thought I'd better get looking for a new job.
Think I'm stressed about work? Maybe?
I am so looking forward to the NCCYM. I am seeing it as a restart, a reboot for my ministry, and for my faith. I am so excited to come away from there with new energy, new optimism, and a new direction in which to plunge. I'm dying to get there, to spend time among colleagues, to feel so far away from here, to sing along with 2000 other youth ministers from around the US. It is my happy place right now!

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