Friday, July 23, 2010

The Sorry State Of My Garden

I took a stroll out to the raised bed to see what condition it's in, seeing as I haven't been by in so long. It was overrun with weeds! How did that happen?? I yanked them all out, which was easy because they were all LARGE. Pleased with my excellent gardening work for the day, I wandered around to the other side to see a bazillion tiny ants running around through the bed frantically, with what looked like EGGS in their mouths. Sorry ants. I guess the lack of activity had convinced them they were in a nice, safe (and shady) neighborhood. Hope it all turns out okay for them.
For those of you lathering for an update on my gardens, here is some photographic evidence:

The good news is, our vinca plants look wicked cool on the fence around the end of our deck! Yay!

...but my flower box, once glorious, is past its prime and all leggy. I dead-headed those pansies religiously!! But there are only a scraggly few blooms left. At least it's green. Ish.

Meanwhile, these rogue pansies that planted themselves on the edge of our driveway- having to ferret out a spot between the pavement and the "weed blocker" fabric- are going great guns!!! What the heck???

And the saddest news of all: remember how HARD we worked to move the grass from where we put the raised ant-farm-I-mean-raised-bed? Well, it's all dead. Not even the fact that it was 103% clover saved it from the July heat and rainlessness. So sad. Maybe it's just sleeping, and it'll come back next year. Probably.

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HerMajesty00 said...

Margo grass not dead, it turns brown in Aug and then recovers for the Fall. You just happen to have advanced grass is all. If it was your child you would be so pleased.
As for weeds, I once told a snide neighbor I was growing 'native plantings', that shut him up!
You are a great gardener but like many of us your great ideas and early ambitions give way to- well competing causes!