Monday, July 19, 2010


Summer is tough for a low-carber. I mean, it shouldn't be, because grilled meat is everywhere, and it is indeed a staple of my diet. But with the meat comes corn, and strawberry shortcake, and... well, it's tough. Summer is full of cookouts and parties and trips to the ice cream place and smores.
So this week I'm grounded. No snackies, no sweet splurges- just low, low carbs.
This is the good news about being a low-carber- when you're grounded, you're grounded to really great food! Tonight, as punishment for my carb excesses, I had to choke down a delicious dinner of Flat Iron steak and grilled broccoli, both smothered in bleu cheese sauce. Oh LORD it was good. And I will wake up lighter tomorrow for it. How cool is that??

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