Monday, July 26, 2010

Pet Peeves

When I was a kid, some random day, I came across the David Letterman daytime show. In my memory it was a real clunker, but I clearly remember that they polled the audience with this question: What is your pet peeve?
I gave that question a lot of thought at the time (I was in 6th grade, and old enough to mull the deeper questions in life). I decided, at the time, that my pet peeve was wet toilet seats.
I still really don't like wet toilet seats. But the question has stuck with me, unlike any of the math I was taught in high school.
But today I decided on my newest pet-peeve, and it's beeping. When my neigbor unlocks her car doors, the car beeps 4 times. Our new copy machine at work beeps constantly, and then keeps beeping until you take the original off the glass. Today we sat in the dining room of the rectory having a meeting and a truck backed up somewhere, forever. beep beep beep beep beep.
My cell phone beeps every time I press a button. Is that necessary? Really???
I know, it's a losing battle. But maybe by putting this thought out into the world, some manufacturer will take a look at his/her product and determine that it doesn't necessarily have to BEEP.

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