Friday, July 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes: First-Timer Edition

Okay fine. FINE I'll succumb to the temptation and deny the trepidation and join the ranks of the 7-Quick-Takers. So.

We are in the midst of our annual fly infestation. It is embarrassing to admit but I don't think it's our fault... that is, I don't know if I even want to know what causes it, or where it comes from. But the thing is, come it does, every year around this time. It starts this way: we'll notice one evening when a light has been left on in the kitchen that there is a big dumb fly buzzing around. So we'll take out our awesome (I know, but it is!) fly swatter and kill it, and then there will be another one, so we'll kill that one, and on and on it goes. Or, we'll kill one, go watch a tv show, come back to find 7 flies. It can really give one the creeps, and remind one of a horror movie.

Two: (am i doing this right?)
Kristen left yesterday, my church-friend-who-became-a-top-ten-friend... she and her husband Chip left for what they call "home" however much we would have preferred to call HERE home. I guess everyone's entitled to decide where home is, but... harumph. Anyway, I decided to be adult and rational about it all and not cry, and I totally pulled it off until she drove away and I was instantly transported back in time to all the good-byes with all the friends I had in elementary school and high school who moved away. It happened to us a lot more than the average kid, I imagine, because we lived in a Navy Town. Still, it's so much easier to keep in touch nowadays, it's not going to be like it was then. Dammit.

I promised myself three things this Summer: 1) that I would stop buying medium Iced Coffees at Dunkin Donuts, and only buy smalls, because really, I only need smalls. 2) that I would write my book ("Confirmation Doesn't Have To Suck"), and 3) that I would finally read Hitchhiker's Guide the Galaxy. So far, I'm 98% on the smalls, and I bought and started HHG the other night (it's good! I read it with a British accent... is that normal?) but so far, I'm still in the "pre-writing" stage of my book.

I got asked!! I was at the pet-store looking for soft cat food* and a woman said to me "so, why are you Catholic?" I have had this blue pin on my pocketbook since the Springtime. I've worn it clear across country and to a Catholic conference, and this is the first time a stranger has asked me the question. I thanked her for asking, and said my prepared statement: "I'm Catholic because I was brought into the Church by my family- but I'm still Catholic because I really believe God wants me to be..." I was ready to go on, but she jumped in to tell me her story- that she'd been baptized Catholic but has fallen away- her kids FOUGHT her on CCD- she's been praying a lot lately and it's changing her perspective on things, making her more thoughtful- she feels lost in Mass a lot. I confess that I recommended our parish, but didn't admit that I work there- is that wrong? But what I really realized in this conversation is that people who would ask that question want to tell their own stories too. I have a lot to think about...

I'm going to dinner at a friend's house tomorrow night, and I'm in charge of an appetizer. I am stumped. I keep coming back to things in puff pastry, because it's so easy and impressive looking. And yummy. I just bought sunflower and sesame seeds to make non-carby, non-cracker crackers, but I can't imagine inflicting those on someone who eats carbs/real crackers... I mean, I'm sure they'll be great. But. PUFF PASTRY.

*Our cats are 15 and 16. Zarley, the oldest, has cut way back on her athletics, and doesn't try to jump up on as many things anymore. We have stools and steps all over the house for her to get up on the furniture, and water bowls in odd places- one on the bedside stand, one on the bathroom floor, one on the coffee table. Now, Pip who has not seemed to age in the past 9 years is suddenly needing a step up to the bathroom sink, which is where she prefers to drink. She used to jump up there and MEOW at me until I would come to turn on the faucet. Now she sits on the bathroom floor and MEOWs until I come in and open the shower curtain so she can jump up. I know it's wrong to pray that something will never die but I do.

I've resisted this 7QT thing because I wasn't sure if using another "meme" to blog with (along with the Simple Woman's Daybook) was cheating, or if my reader(s) would think so. Plus, it's kind of a lot of pressure to come up with seven things! In fact, I had written for #4 "oh crap, I have nothing left. Now what?" but happily thought of something and went back. I guess this is an Every Friday kind of thing, and that's a big commitment for one such as I, but I guess I'll give it a go. You can read a TON of 7QT-ers over at

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Can I please edit your book? :-)