Sunday, January 20, 2013


   I seriously considered not telling anyone my new year's resolution this year, because... well...
Every year I do try to make a resolution, and as I may have blogged about in the past, I've gotten a good run out of some of them. One year I resolved to Be Brave, and that year contained one of my best summers ever, working on the maintenance crew at college- something I never would have done without that resolution.
   In more recent years, I've been more prayerful about my resolution and have been pretty hit-or-miss about following through. I vaguely remember something about a forty-two-nup (get it, tune up?), that I flagged completely. I don't even remember what last year's was, and I'm afraid to read back, to see how badly I did. I think I remember it was a word, rather than a resolution. Huh, now I'm curious... well, fortunately this year's res. isn't to avoid procrastination, so I can do it later.
   ANYHOOO again this year, I prayed for some direction, and got back bad news. It was that I should be RTG- ready to go.  Blah, just typing that makes me sad, but I know that the year ahead will probably give me lots of movement to get ready for. Maybe I'll need to get ready to go to a new parish, or (yikes) a new kind of job. Maybe we'll have to move for work. Maybe my parents will have to move again, which will take some getting ready, even though we're not the go-ers in that scenario.
   Soon after I'd resolved to resolve to be RTG, Scott mentioned that he thought we should find a new apartment. I panicked, and gave him all sorts of good reasons to stay put (not the least of which is how much I love this apartment and the very real possibility that we may be needing to move within the next year or two, for work.  I hate moving, and would really hate to move somewhere only to have to move again a year later). I felt like my bluff had been called. 
   So, I'm getting ready to get ready. I'm trying to be more willing to get up and go when opportunities arise, saying yes more, and trying not to be so wedded to my current location and life, as much as I adore it. I'd like to pare down some of the stuff I have, clean out and simplify. I think for Lent we'll go back to the "five things a day" rule of getting rid of things, for all 40 days (you know, except Sundays... ha!) and that'll help me feel readier to go.
   But all the time I'll be getting ready, I'll hope not to have to go.

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