Sunday, January 13, 2013

Non-Whiny Varia: Cool Stuff

I suppose you've just about had enough of my moaning about the sorry state of the Church or what-will-become-of-me, so here are some cool things, to win you back over.

This guy is photographing suitcases left in the attic at an asylum in New York State. I can't remember where I learned about this project, but it led me to read (practically) this guy's entire blog. I like how interested he is in things, and love how he appreciates light.

The suitcases are fas-as-ascinating and I hope he does a ton more.

This article's title grabbed me, because I am always shooting for success, you know me. But seriously, there's a part in here where one of the guys talks about not worrying about the future and I found it oddly inspiring. I guess I fail the psycopathy test. that's good, right?

With the new year comes new opportunities to exercise what little bit of self-discipline I can muster up, and cut out carbs (except for special occasions, when I'm eating out, when someone else is serving/buying, when I'm happy or sad, or when I don't have time to plan... ha!) Any, here's the gist of why eating this way is actually pretty easy and ever so enjoyable.

Hey will someone please remind me the next time I need to name a pet to name it Brownie? I remembered the other day some story about Dad's family pets always being named Brownie, no matter what their color, and thought it would be a good tradition to carry on. I don't even know if I've got the story right... siblings? Our kittens have definitely grown into their names, and their names have evolved- we now call Katy "Katy Lou" and added a middle name for Charley- he's officially Charles Washington, named after my Dad. Neither of them answer to their names, or to anything at all, but we like the choices we've made.

 We live in an old house. It's full of old charming qualities and quirks, and one of them is drain issues. Last year the apartment upstairs had a leak between tenants, and our kitchen ceiling rained. It rained!! In our kitchen!! The plumber had to come and pulled two unidentifiable corpses (squirrels? skunks? ferrets? they kind of looked like ferrets, but they really were unidentifiable) from the pipes, and all was restored. BUT HOW DID THEY GET IN THERE? No one has been able to figure that out. THAT is what living in an old house is all about, my friends.

I bring this all up by way of telling you about our slow kitchen drains, which are somehow connected to our bathroom sink and bathtub drains. I know it's not supposed to be that way, but again... old house... every several months the drains start to slow, then stop, and THAT's when we pull out the CLR POWERRRR PLUMBERRRRR!!! It's seriously so cool that I have probably blogged about it before. It basically shoots compressed air through the pipes, blowing the clog out somewhere into the neighbor's yard.

Today, we were secretly excited that it was drain-blasting time again, and took our stations. Scott was the power plumber and I was to cover the other drain with a towel to keep the power from shooting out the wrong way. But it did just that- found a gap in my coverage and blasted a sink full of grubby water all over me, and down Scott's pants, and across the kitchen. It was awesome. The drain is clear, too, so win-win.

Look at this quote from a product review on Amazon:
"I got it and follow the instruction, few seconds later, it clear up. I could not believed my nightmare finally over just like that!"
That's pretty much how I feel. If you have quirky pipes (in your house) either get some of this, or call me to come over with mine. You'll be wowed.

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