Monday, October 11, 2010

I think I read somewhere that 70% of blog titles include the words "sorry for not posting much lately..."

I know, I know, I haven't been posting. It's just... you know, I've been busy (like sonic boom kind of busy) with school and work and whatnot. Also, the news I have to share is mostly worrisome news, with friends in crisis and mine and my siblings new entry into the "sandwich generation" and all that. Lately when I've been asked "so what's new?" all I want to say is "my friend has cancer and my mother is 'going fuzzy' all the time and oh my God I'm freaking out!!" but instead I say "oh you know, not much... same old same old... busy, you know." That's because I don't want to be Debbie Downer, nobody wants to hear all that. Already people at church know some things about these things and when they ask me how my friend or my Mom is doing, I feel a pang of discomfort. I don't know if it's because I feel like I'm supposed to be ministering to them and not the other way around (I really don't believe that, you know, because being church for each other means... and people have agency in their faith to pray for... and lots of other professional ministry answers) or if it's the same feeling I get when I tell people I eat low carb and see them steal a glance at my donut. That is, when I'm working and smiling and being "on" and they ask me how my Mom's doing, I feel a responsibility to demonstrate my (sincere) sadness in the midst of coffee and donuts or whatever I'm doing, and that is tricky.
So this is why I haven't been posting; because woe is me. But I haven't forgotten about either of you, my faithful readers! I'll be back on track right away. Probably tomorrow, or soon thereafter. Maybe today! I dunno.


HerMajesty00 said...

How many times do you have a great time with old friends and then say "oh we should do this again. Why havent we gotten together in so long?"
But the reality is our life is so very full with have tos it can be hard to find time for want tos.
You need to write when you can and not worry about HAVING TO do so. We blog fans will not be one more burden to be ministered unto. We can wait for you Margo, we have patience.
BTW your naughty Mass blog post had me giggling all thru Mass so really you are not nec. the best influence anyway :>)
prayers for u and yours.

FrChip said...

You do the best you can and hope God sorts it all out in the end. We all have something going on but the key to it all is not letting what people say or do effect your sincere efforts to minister to them, BUT you might want to let them in turn minister you as well, that's the great thing about the Church AND working for the Church someone is always there to help.
Just saying