Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn Ramblings

There is very little of a lot of stuff going on, so I'm going to take it a paragraph at a time.

My car is infested with spiders. It has been, and I'm not kidding, for YEARS. I may have mentioned it here before, even. They seem to have settled, for several generations, in my rack (that is, the rails on top of my car. What is that, a ski rack? I don't ski... anyway, I know the title "my rack" is less than perfect. Let's move on) but they move in when it gets cooler, or warmer. What I'm trying to say is that at any given point a white or pale-ish yellow spider may drop down in front of me while I'm driving... or walk across my visor... or my window, or my windshield. I think these are the spiders, and now that I know that I'm a little bit more creeped out than I was before I knew. And now that you know, you'll never want to ride in my car, will you?

This semester is plugging along, and I am finding myself (right on schedule I suppose) pining for my life back. My main problem this year is a lack of definable deadlines. One class requires six 2-page papers, you know, whenever. One is online and asks that I post, several times. And my internship is totally self-motivated and such. That is, it's up to me to do all that STUFF involved in making it happen. I don't do well with amorphous requirements. I do all my best work at the last minute, and when there are no last minutes, well...

I hate halloween. I have no real great reason, I wasn't bitten by a halloween when I was a kid or anything, I just don't care for it. And it's freaking EVERYWHERE. I am loving the fall colors when I get a chance to notice them, but the orange and black crap everywhere is really annoying to me. Scott pretends not to like it but he really does, and that's his prerogative, and I fully support it, but not to the point of hanging stupid decorations up. On halloween night, Scott does it up big, and I sit in the living room watching non-scary tv and waiting for it to all be over. There, I've said my piece.

That's all for now.


Cate said...

The boys (especially Z) always hated that I wouldn't allow anyone to even talk about Halloween until after my birthday. That at least limited it to two weeks, rather than starting sometime in September. Now I can ignore it until it arrives!

As far as deadlines -- you may have to set your own this semester.

And there must be someone who has called CarTalk with a similar spider problem - wonder what they suggested?

Hang in there.

Kristen said...

NEVER riding in your car again. :-)

I am surprised by how many people in Western PA decorate for Halloween, and I'm not talking just pumpkins...multiple skeletons, gravestones in the yard, spiderweb-like material in the trees... (There is one of a witch that is hung on a telephone pole, and you only see her backside, like she accidentally ran into the pole...I like that one.)

I am with you: not into scary movies or dressing up, thank you. And if there is not the same amount of (if not more) decorations out for Christmas, I am going to have to talk with these people!

CatholicWizKid said...

What is your policy on Halloween parties? I mean, Halloween=bad, and yet... party.
I am not a big Halloween fan either, and I have struggled with this fine point.

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE you hate Halloween! It's genetic! (Or is it just traditional?)

Anonymous said...

i get the EXACT same spiders in my car too! what kills me the most is not knowing where they're coming from. part of me thinks it's my vents, but that just can't be right.

Sue B :)