Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Road Reunion

Today we went out for breakfast to celebrate our anniversary and the restaurant we chose was in the first neighborhood I lived in when I moved to Massachusetts. I was there for two years, I think, working and living in a group home for adolescent girls. I had no car for a chunk of that time, and did a lot of walking in that neighborhood.
I realized as we drove through it today, 18 years after moving to this state, how connected I get to my travel routes. Every time I go to that neighborhood, situated on 1A, which was also the route I took to my first youth ministry job for 9 years. I have all the homes memorized, still, and remember when some houses were empty for a long time and neglected, which now are painted and renewed and holing happy families. Being back on that route was like going to a reunion with old friends...
My trip to my last parish was a windy one up route 114 through Middleton, a road I loved. Lots of great scenery and sweet little businesses, and favorite spots that I really miss seeing now. It's funny how these things add themselves to my memory and stay there, so familiar and so contaminated with memories. Good roads and good times and bad. I'm grateful for the roads I've traveled.

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