Saturday, November 22, 2008


In class on Tuesday, I looked at the people in the seats around me and thought, "bah, I don't need this. I won't miss these people. HA that they have to keep going while next semester I will be reading David Sedaris books and watching tv instead.
But the night before class, I had sent an email to the financial aid person at BC for help and after class I checked my email to find word from her: they will cover the balance of this semester for me, and pay for my costs for next semester too. The concentration I'm in is made possible through the Luce Foundation's grant, so thank you Luces for helping me continue my education!
Thank you, too, readers and friends, for all the wonderful comments you left me here, very touching! I am a blessed girl.

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Anonymous said...

There is a definite value to your continued schooling. It may not change your paycheck (you never really know...) but your faith, ministry, spirit and self value are all benefitting. The research is never-ending, the papers too numerous. The hours are long and everything is due when life is most complicated. Hang in there!