Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I don't know if I'm in peri-menopause, or peri-peri-menopause, or maybe I'm just stressed (it's hell-week; GOF this Sunday and the big paper due next week, and tons to do before surgery in December...) but I have some serious hotness every once in a while, I am tired a lot, and I sleep much less soundly. And, darn it, I cry more!
Loyal readers (hello, all 6 of you) will know that I am not against crying. I believe it's a useful thing, and I feel the effects if I go too long without indulging my need to shed a few. But lately almost every week at Mass, some song will hit me, or the face of someone will touch me, or the sound of voices praying or singing in unity will send me swooning.
Tonight I'm crying over Grey's Anatomy. One thing that will, for sure, get me crying is a story where a spouse dies... it's the scariest thought ever, to me, the thought that kept me awake nights when we got engaged, the thought that makes me call him compulsively when I haven't heard from him in a while... with much love comes much risk. It's the best risk I've ever taken, and the scariest. Maybe it'd be easier to deal with if I didn't watch so many medical dramas!


Bug Lover said...

I cried during that episode of Grey's Anatomy too! There actually was not a dry eye in the house, that should ease your worries!!

Catholic Wiz kid said...

I was never a crier, and then I went through a period where commercials made me cry and stupid shows like Grey's Anatomy would send me spinning into this whole intense emotional ridiculousness.
I am over it now, because I am hard... but I suppose I will be there again. I like to think that the crying times allow you to experience life in a really intense way. And I think that is a pretty good goal- to live life all the way.