Saturday, November 22, 2008

Come On Down!!!!!!!!!

I was in class a week or two ago and we were talking about salvation and the Cross Event. I had a pretty great (well I thought so) revelation and it's been fun chewing on it for the past couple of weeks. I was excited to talk to Scott about it, and shared it with my spiritual director, and have prayed about it some, too- pretty cool.
But here is the cool thing I realized about it, that I think is hopeful for us minister-types: when I was having a big A-HA moment in class, my professor, nor nobody around me, knew it was happening. They didn't notice a thing- to them I was just sitting there, participating in class, taking notes, and whatnot. My aha didn't look like anything out of the ordinary to them.
I realized that this is something we forget when we are leading youth groups or prayer groups or what have you, things may be happening that we are not aware of. The Holy Spirit may be doing amazing things in the hearts of people we are serving, and we mat never know it. Aha moments do not look like winning the showcase on The Price is Right. Often, I think, they don't look like anything at all.
So it's important to remember that even if it looks like a program or activity was less than mind-blowing, we can have faith that something great might have happened. Isn't that encouraging news?


s said...

Hey, I love this post. I am always amazed to hear months or even years after an event, that folks, esp young people, were touched in some way by a vet call or a class or lesson I gave. It's humbling to say the least, and certainly something that keeps me going when thanks seem few and far between.

Catholic Wiz Kid said...

Woo-eee, that was encouraging. I really needed to remember that this week. I got my own little reminder when two kids who have been showing up, but I thought were checked-out of youth group were desperate to get their apps in for a retreat this week. I just figured they were in the "my parents made me come" crowd, but my interactions with them yesterday seemed to indicate otherwise.
As they say, I suppose I need to remember that "God is God, and I am not". Thanks for the reminder!