Monday, September 08, 2008

An oasis in the desert of Boston

This week's was the first really ramped up Sunday of a hundred or so more to come before Easter and Spring come again. I am already swamped with work and lists of stuff to achieve and finish and deadlines, oh my.
But Sunday afternoon, after an already busy day, as people started to pour into the church for the 5PM Mass, I had to take a minute to look around. I saw people smiling, greeting each other, looking happy to be at the church. I saw a mother and daughter come in, ready to serve, and walk to the Sacristy together, smiling. I saw teenagers dip quickly and cross themselves as they passed by the Tabernacle, unembarrassed to do so. I saw adults greet teenagers, and teenagers waving at little kids. The music group was smiling and energetic and ready to roll.
I thought to myself how happy I am to be part of this parish. It feels like such a reward to be in a place so full of joy, with genuinely great leadership, amazing people, support at every turn, and no games being played.
I don't know how long this will last, but I hope it's for a long, long time.

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FrChip said...

That place sounds freakin' awesome!