Wednesday, September 03, 2008

items on map are more vertical than they appear (two new posts, read the next one first)

So, I had to do this quick little task at the bookstore- I had bought the wrong volume of Systematic Theology, which just so happens to be the book from which I am supposed to be reading this week. It was a simple, two minute transaction and I just needed to get in and out. In a jiffy.
I asked my classmates what would be the best place to park in order to do this, and they said "pretty much here" which is on another campus altogether. They said that my parking pass would only allow me to park in another garage on campus that was just about as far away from the bookstore as we were. They recommended I take the bus.
I decided to risk it and drove over to the main campus, and parked in the church parking lot on the edge of campus. I didn't have my map with me but I could see the giant crane over the building that was next to the building I was looking for, so I thought proudly that I had really done a clever thing by getting this close.
I headed out toward that crane, and turned the corner to see that from where I was, I would have to climb up 6 flights of stairs. I'm not even kidding! I soldiered on, climbing at a steady pace and didn't stop for a break like I wanted to, because there were young people coming up behind me. I did fine but at the top I had to wait until all the coeds dissipated so that I could pant and sweat in peace. A hundred yards more or so and I was met with a few more sets of steps. I harumphed my way to the bookstore, thinking only of how good this book had better be, and how we'd better be using it a LOT this semester and in future classes too, and how nice it was going to be to go DOWN all those stairs on the way back to my stupid car.
I was surprised to see the lawn littered with people trying to give me things. I got a couple of drinks (tea and juice) from some guy with a cooler, wearing a t-shirt with the drink brand on it. I got a coupon book that is basically only useful if you live near campus, and I got a whole box of stuff from the campus Hillel group- popcorn, another juice drink, deodorant and toothpaste! It's good to be a college student!


HerMajesty00 said...

Ah Margo, if a guy is standing there in just a trench coat offering you a real hot watch, DO NOT TAKE IT!

Catholic Wiz Kid said...

Oh man, I LOVE those stairs on the BC campus. No way to get around all the climbing (unless you take the shuttle or use the elevator in the library), but I'll show you some tricky routes sometime. I forgot that you are on that new campus. Sounds to me that you are just a pretty darn typical college kid on your first day. You are awesome.