Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm rich

Today my spiritual director gave me the shocking news that not only does God want the best FROM me, He wants the best FOR me. This is something I should have known. I reckon it's a case of "physician, heal thyself"...
Last month when we met, she gave me the scripture (really, she seems to pluck these things out of the air. Well, that's what it looks like but it is clearly NOT random) about the rich young man with many possessions. (that's Mark 10:17-22) I put off reading up on it because I knew it would... well, I knew it had a message for me. And, so, being the eager learner and communer-with-God-that I am, I stalled.
In the story, Jesus tells the young man to sell off his possessions in order to follow him. The young man turns away, sad because he has a lot of bitchen stuff. I always thought that this particular scripture was a gimme for me, because I don't make a lot of money, and don't have all that much stuff. (I recently updated from a Daewoo to a Ford station wagon, for crying out loud!)
But when I finally did look into my assigned scripture, I realized that the money and possessions weren't the point. The point was, Jesus asked the young man to sacrifice the things that he valued over God's plan for him. So the question is, when God asks me to go, to do, to move, to act- what am I holding on to instead? What is God asking me to let go of in order to fulfill His call to me?

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