Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I never dreamed what heat I'd get for my answers to the 100 book meme. I've been questioned mostly as to why I don't intend to read the books which I don't intend to read.
It's made me take a quick and un-thorough look at myself and my reading habits. What DO I like to read?
Turns out that for the most part, I'm drawn to non-fiction, and then after that I like my fiction to be fairly light- lots of dialogue, humor if at all possible. I'm an information junkie, it turns out- I love to learn and figure out and know new things, I love reading auto- and biographies. I like fiction when there's a great character study involved. Oh, and I have a seriously dark sense of humor. When I love books, I think to myself "ooh who can I pass this on to? Who would appreciate this like I do?" and the answer, very often, is nobody.
And meanwhile, I'll respond to my critics:
Bob, I'm so bad at reading sci-fi that I haven't even ever made it through hitch-hiker's guide, which should be right up my alley. (But I did watch most of the British tv series of it.)
Don, I should have added a category about "I've seen the movie of this one!" No shame there brother.
  • "Pride and Prejudice?" I tried Jane a coupla times and just couldn't get into her. I just wanted her to get to the damn punchline already. Same reaction as when I read Dickens. I know.
  • "Gothic delight of Jane Eyre?" I'm sorry, I just don't delight in the gothic! Don't judge me too harshly for that!
  • "Or the trashy excess of Gone With The Wind?" Saw the movie, and I didn't even really love that.
  • "Clan of the Cave Bear is also a delight for history nerds." I'm a lot of kinds of nerd, but not a cave bear history one.
Don't cry for me Sue! I get my giggles in other good books... and blogs!

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how could I be expected to read between the lines if I haven't read the lines? said...

How did you know that I was the commenter with the phoney name? Am I so obvious, or is it just that you can read me like a book? You don't ever need to worry about me reading you like a book, but if they film your life story I bet I'll see it (and I probably won't wait for it to go to DVD). And let me give you a secret about Mrs. SmartyPants-read-all-the-classics

{her favorite books are actually called "The Dukes Mistress" and "Seduction of the Prince" and "Dangerous Rendezvous of an innocent young bosomy woman with a rakish rogue of royal blood who despite his worldly ways and burning loins falls unexpectedly in love with her")