Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let the Lenting Begin

So today I started my usual Lenten behavior changes... I cut out "white things", which is really just a way to say that I'm low-carbing... and it wasn't easy! I went to Kelly's and thought I was doing okay with a chicken Caesar salad and cup of clam chowder, but then was sad to realize that I couldn't eat the CROUTONS or the little potato cubes in the chowder. Shoot! Dinner was better- I'm just a little rusty with this stuff I guess, it'll take me a coupla days to get my low-carb legs. We also took our first walk to daily Mass... it's a mile from here, a nice walk, and a nice little workout, considering the steep hill we live on. It's my 5th or 6th year taking on this walking, and it's a nice familiar feeling to be rolling out of bed in the morning, throwing on my green swishy pants, and heading down the hill again. I thought this morning, like I do every first Lenten morning, how the snow I was stepping on and the ice I was taking mincing steps over would be gone, gradually, and imagined how different my route would look by Easter.
I felt very confident, this year, in the days leading up to Lent. I didn't feel the need to clear all the candy out of my house or my office. I bought a few low-carby things to eat, but didn't get anything to snack on. And I forgot how tricky it is to avoid white things when you're abstaining from meat!
NOT that I'm "look(ing) gloomy like the hypocrites"... Today on our way down the hill I asked Scott "who should we pray for today?" and he said "let's pray for our Lenten promises and everyone's Lenten promises." So consider yourself prayed for today, reader!

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