Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm home on a Sunday night, which is reason enough to celebrate with a blog entry. It's weird to be home on a Sunday, in my pajamas mid-afternoon and all the other Sunday things that people do. I'm home because we went in SUPER early- I had a baptism to wrangle and Scott sent his kids off to camp. He's not going to camp this year because he's recovering from an operation that his surgeon assured him he'd be fully recovered from in 2-5 days. What have we learned? Don't trust surgeons. Finally someone admitted to him that healing takes at least two weeks, and since he can't drive, I'm chauffeuring him around and so when he came home from work today, well, I had to come too.
Meanwhile, we're adopting a dog! She's nine years old and her person died of cancer, and she's a collie/golden retriever mix. She's very sweet and fluffy (wait till you see her tail!) We bring her home tomorrow, and we are so excited. I've been envisioning our lives with a dog included, and I think it's going to be great.
Meanwhile, I have a new job! No, I haven't lost my old job, I've just added another one to mine.  Our religious ed director has retired (who DOES that??) and when our interview process didn't turn up the perfect person to take her position, I was (ahem) promoted. I'm going to try like heck to keep my own work going, while doing hers, and delegating a lot. The best news is that we've hired a part-time admin. assistant to take on the administrative parts of the job, which is the only thing that has kept me from hyperventilating over the past month. It was announced in the bulletin this weekend, and all the older people coming out after Mass (I was greeting) said "congratulations! That sounds like a LOT of work!!" So.
Meeeeeanwhile, I've been taking a Canon Law and Marriage course from the Archdiocese. It's interesting, which is better than I expected. It's all women, and they ask veiled personal questions like "what if SOMEONE was married on the beach, despite her mother BEGGING her to go to the church?" One woman asked a question about annulments granted on the grounds of fraud, and then said "well, that's my marriage." Awkward!!! 
I'm taking the class so that I can be certified as a Pastoral Associate, which people on the Catholic streets say will be valuable for people who want to keep working in the Archdiocese. It's hard to know if this is true, or will be true, or... what will be true. But hey, why not get as certified as possible? If there's one thing I've learned from my Canon Law and Marriage class is that I don't really want to get into the annulment-arranging business- too much to know! But hey, who knows what I'll end up doing? I never dreamed I'd be doing whatever this is going to end up being.
Meanwhile, my mother's been in the hospital this week, again, sporting a nasty and un-helpful attitude... I've been too overwhelmed to be any help at all, this time around. Next health crisis, I am so there, siblings!
I think that's it. For now. But meanwhile...

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