Friday, June 21, 2013

Hey Grandpa, what's for Sprummer?

 Happy first day of Summer! It's been just the right combination of sunny/thundery/rainy around here, and my garden is full of glee (and earwigs. AUGH!). The lettuce I scattered as seed has come up green and lush. I missed the spinach and now just pick it out when I see it towering over my lettuce plants... I never have  had much luck getting the timing right with spinach. But my peas, my peas! They are growing in leaps and bounds, and the tomatoes and zucchini plants seem to be bouncing back from their near-drowning over a couple of rainy weeks.
Anyway, all this is to declare that this is my favorite food season: Sprummer. Last week, just in time, the strawberries came in and I ran to the farm market to scoop up a few quarts. We ate some all day, one at a time, I set aside a quart for my Dad, and mashed the third quart with some sugar for strawberry shortcake.
(Our strawberry patch, for which we fight against the squirrels and rabbits for domination, is bigger than ever, and produced great berries this year! We got a few handfuls of them- but not enough for any kinda recipe.)
Today, a week later, I couldn't keep myself from going back for one more quart- I ended up slicing them, drizzling a bit of honey over them (less than a teaspoon, but it makes the most delicious difference...) and we had them for dessert tonight with whipped cream. For dinner we had taco salads with lettuce from the garden. So gratifying!!
For breakfast lately I've been whipping up flaxseed buns for egg sandwiches. So easy and good for ya!
And, can I just tell you about the stuffed mushrooms we had for lunch today? Good Gawd.
ALSO! Flour-free pizza crust that is to. die. for. Last week when I made it, we were out of pizza sauce so I made a paste of olive oil/soft butter/garlic/parm cheese and brushed it on the crust, and let me tell you. Heaven. Speaking of flour-free, this almond-flour coffee cake (I made it with strawberries) was a relative hit with my family. Who'd have thunk?
Sorry, I have no pictures, as we've gobbled everything up before snapping photos.

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