Friday, April 05, 2013

7 quick takes!

1) I've realized that I don't have a big life-bucket list, just a couple of things: I'd like to go back to Canada, and it would be even better to see a Red Sox game up there. One bucket list thing I had and have completed was to break a window with a rock a-la It's A Wonderful Life. When the convent next to our parish was due to be demolished, I saw my chance, and Scott and I went over to live my dream. It wasn't easy! I think the glass was leaded or something... anyway, mission accomplished.
2) I have a couple of food-related items, like eating at that restaurant that looks like a ship on Route 1. Another food-bucket list (oh that sounds gross!) item that I recently ticked off was to have a burger with a fried egg on top. Intriguing, no? There's a new restaurant near work that features the best burger in... dare I say it... the WORLD???!!!! It comes with an egg on top, and it's heavenly.
3) This morning I got up early (it was still dark!) to take my sisters to the airport. Super early is a good time to go there, because the roads are relatively empty, and people are too tired to be impatient with the other drivers who are hemming and hawing, reading the signs and looking for terminals. When I got home, it was like I had the world in front of me- how would I spend this block of time, this gift of bonus hours? I could get started in the garden, or... OH start writing that book! Maybe, if it went well, this could be my new routine! Up before dawn to crank out a bunch of pages! I could have a book by the end of this century! But instead, I crawled back into bed, downloaded a book on my ipad, read for a while, and went back to sleep. I'm not an early morning person. It's good to know things about one's self.
4) I've got that garden feeling. The irises are out in our little garden, even while a small pile of dirty snow sits nearby. I have compost to stir, dry grass to cut back, seeds to scatter, brush to burn. I have an old shredded American Flag that I need to dispose of, too, and it seems like burning is the prescribed manner. I'm a little nervous about burning a flag in our yard, in case any of our neighbors are veterans or very patriotic.
5) We haven't had the bird feeders full all winter- so that's on my list for today too. The cats will love it, and the squirrels, of course. My parents bequeathed me a squirrel-hurling feeder that is supposed to discourage the nasty buggers, thusly:
Here's the thing, though. Our squirrels seem to just enjoy the ride, and that fun ride also shoots about a pound of seed out and spreads it conveniently about the ground so the squirrels can scarf it up with no trouble at all.
6) The Red Sox are back! I do love baseball season. That's all I've got about that right now. Except, who are these new kids?
7) It's been a week and I'm still so tired from Holy Week. I know, I know, it's not like we're ditch-diggers, but Holy Week is a lot of work- a lot of walking, a lot of smiling, a lot of extrovert-ing. We ended up cranky (Scott mostly:) and overly emotional and wiped out. It's exhilarating to look at the calendar for this month and see an epty square here and there. But it's taking some time to transition into lent-less life.
I'M GOING OUTSIDE!!! (check out the home of 7QT at


Cate said...

Hey, that ship is on my list too - for over 30 years at least! Let's make a date to go together this summer!

And, I think you can take old flags to the local veteran's organization for them to dispose of it properly.

Kristen said... burger in the had me at hello! :-)

How are the fries?