Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Miracles

Lately people have seemed so beautiful to me. I see people walk back to their pews after communion at church and I am so moved by the uniqueness and depth of each face. I'm struck by their walks, by their hands folded in front of them or hanging down to their sides. Walking tabernacles, transformed by taking one bite.
At the Youth Ministry Food Fast this weekend, 90+ kids gave a whole day of hunger and service to raise funds, but they also navigated the social waters, watched each other with studying eyes, thought deeply about God, took brave leaps into relationship with kids, adults, Jesus.
The middle schoolers, especially, made me ache with their gawky paleness or their round baby faces, still trying to figure out their own limbs, suddenly longer than ever. Still trying to hear what their own voices can sound like and trying on relationships and personalities like shirts.
The volunteers at the Fast were brave, patient, confident, welcoming. Scott was tireless, adaptable, loving, joyful. Upstairs, new families helped out with placing pots of tulips and lilies in the just-right spots. At Mass, old men took enormous pride in handing out candles and turning out the lights at the right times.
I even feel sympathy for the terrible old-man drivers on route 1, even though they pull out of parking lots onto the highway at a too-low speed and then slow down. I see their white heads and worry about their safety.
I'm not always like this. Lately it's overwhelming me. I feel raw with love for the world, ready to cry at sweet things, daring to feel relief in the Good news of Easter and to feel hope for the future. Maybe it's this darn new Pope and his crazy loving ways, maybe it's my bronchitis. I dunno. Whatever it is, even though it's harder work than indifference, I'd like it to stay.
Happy Easter, everyone. I wish you peace, joy, love.

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