Saturday, April 14, 2012

Standing Room is the FenWay To Go

Way back in time, long before the season opener, I got an email announcing that the Fenway ticket sales had started. I took a wild leap and bought two Standing Room tickets for today, for a birthday present for Scotty. We went in today and it was perfect, start to finish. A gorgeous day, free parking (thanks to a friend with connections!), and a great lunch beforehand at a new place right down the street from the park. Lots of yum!!

We found our standing room area, which has spaces for leaning and such, but that space was taken by the time we got there. Scott eagle-eyed some seats on the third base line, and we headed down. We ended up being able to sit in that (awesome!) section for the entire game, which we WON, with the help of lots of great home runs and heroic plays. Great stuff. It was warm, people were SO cool with us sitting in their 100-dollar-a-seat section with them, and we had a blast. Happy Spring everyone!

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