Friday, March 12, 2010

What the bic??

I realize that a good fraction of my posts revolve around grocery shopping. I hope you don't mind.
Today I went in search of razor blades. I have had a Venus razor handle for... well, probably longer than I've been married. It came with a holder for the shower, and it was handy. I only ever had to buy the blades, which were then neatly kept in the shower holder thingy.
But now, you can't just get the blades. Now, the blades come with goo on the sides, or some such thing that may be nifty but means they won't fit in the holder. And they keep adding blades! I saw one today with FIVE blades. WHO needs five blades?
And did I mention the COST??? There is no option available under 10.00. At Stop & Shop, they keep them in plastic boxes that the staff has to open with plastic keys, they are THAT valuable.
Well today I drew the line and bought some other-kind-of-razors. Complete, with handles. This was no easy task either, since all I wanted was something between the one-blade shredders and the 5 blade cadillacs. I saw some, I kid you not, with citrus-scented handles.
Scott has told me that more than a few times, he has found himself helping old men in the drug store to navigate the razor choices. I felt for them today. I long for the simpler days.


Kristen said...

I like the pink ones...I think they're pink daisy razors. Not too expensive, but a step above the cheap ones that cut you.

CatholicWizKid said...

I use a man's razor. Well, it does not belong to a man, just to me, but it is supposed to belong to one. I like it because it is nice and heavy (and does not smell like grapefruit).